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Route66Logistics is a Dutch job agency for the transport and logistics sector. We offer jobs for all kinds of positions. We are specialized in the job placement of professional truck drivers C+E.The unique selling point of our company is its idealistic vision about cooperation between the employer, employee and client. We are convinced that good care, clear communication, honesty and reliability lead to a strong, durable and  profitable relationship between all parties involved.

Our staff is highly committed to their job and has extensive and in-depth experience in the job agency world. They all have a personal affinity with Eastern Europe and they know the culture. They share the ideology and belief that success can be achieved only with strict and satisfactory cooperation.

Our company is keenly aware of everyone`s professional needs: we want to be treated seriously and with all due respect. We wish to get what we deserve, to receive help when needed and to continue to develop ourselves, both personally and professionally.

The basis of a good start is the identification of the candidates predispositions. The other half of success obtains offering a well suited job which will fulfil the candidate`s needs and fits to his or her experience, skills and character. In case of having even the smallest doubt, we continue searching for a job as long as it takes, to present you an offer that will fulfil all your needs.


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